TAB Reader single license or subscription can be installed and used on one computer with ArcGIS Desktop installed.
Once purchased, you will receive a registration code.

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1. Purchasing two or more licenses simultaneously is subject to get a quantity discount. Purchasing new license includes annual maintenance. Annual maintenance replaces purchasing upgrades between versions, so purchasing maintenance and staying current on maintenance is the only way to have access to newer TAB Reader versions, no matter major or minor. Technical support by email is equally included.

2. You can renew your maintenance while your current maintenance is still valid, or not more than three months after your current maintenance is expired. There is a quantity discount for users renewing their maintenance period for next two or more years simultaneously.

3. Users with maintenance expired three or more months ago, need to either purchase new license or pay the respective reinstatement fee for lapsed period of maintenance to have access to all newer TAB Reader versions. Note that quantity discounts are not available in case of purchasing reinstatement for expired maintenance.

Purchased Single license can be installed and used on one computer. You may install Single license on your desktop computer and laptop (for work in the field, for example) and apply one and the same Single license for both installations, but not use simultaneously on both devices. Activating TAB Reader license on more than two computers is not allowed.

Subscription gives you right to use TAB Reader for one year. You can renew your TAB Reader subscription while it is valid. After subscription expires, all tools and features become unavailable and you will need to buy a new subscription or a Single license. Subscription is compatible with all TAB Reader versions released during the subscription period. There is no maintenance for subscription.

Need TAB Reader for unlimited number of users?

Global license allows installing and using TAB Reader for unlimited number of users working in unlimited number of physical locations and is provided upon request only.

Contact us at for details.

Looking for a way to upgrade your TAB Reader 4.x license?

Contact our sales team at, we will be glad to assist you.

Stay current with the latest TAB Reader version

Valid maintenance or subscription is the only way to have access to all newer TAB Reader versions, no matter major or minor.


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