Data Conversion

TAB Reader tools allow importing MapInfo TAB files and workspaces to ArcGIS geodatabases and map documents,
as well as exporting data from ArcGIS to MapInfo TAB files.

Importing MapInfo Workspaces to ArcGIS Map Documents and Geodatabases

The quickest and most convenient way to import MapInfo data to ArcGIS is importing the workspace. At that, all native rendering and symbology properties are preserved most accurately. The import result is saved in geodatabase and in ArcGIS map document.

Importing TAB Files to Geodatabase

The TAB Reader TAB to ArcGIS tool can be used for file-by-file transfer of MapInfo data to ArcGIS. At that, it is possible to import either single or multiple TAB files at once.

Conversion of ArcGIS Feature Classes to TAB Files

The problem of converting ArcGIS feature classes to TAB files can be easily solved with the TAB Reader Feature classes to TAB tool. Another option to solve this task is to use the like-named geoprocessing tool providing identical functionality.