What’s new in TAB Reader 5.3

TAB Reader 5.3 is a new minor update representing following changes and new features.


Support for ArcGIS 10.5

TAB Reader 5.3 version can be installed and used with ArcGIS 10.5.


Updated user interface

TAB Reader 5.3 presents updated UI of the tool dialogs. New dialogs are now more compact, clean and easier to use.



Extended support for TAB files

TAB files referencing the Access databases (MDB, ACCDB), DBF, and Excel files are now supported.


Extended support for MapInfo thematic maps

Following thematic maps now can be imported to ArcGIS: Dot Density, Pie Chart, Bar Chart.



Support for selection layers

Selection layers in MapInfo workspaces are now supported and imported to ArcGIS as definition queries.


Support for string functions

String functions (e.g. Chr$, Format$, FormatNumber$ etc.) in MapInfo workspaces are now supported and transferred to ArcGIS.