TAB Reader 7 Released

TAB Reader 7.0 is a new major update representing following changes.

What's new in TAB Reader 7 for ArcGIS Pro


Support for ArcGIS Pro 3.3

TAB Reader 7.0 is provided for use with ArcGIS Pro 3.3.


New TAB to ArcGIS geoprocessing tool

Now you can import your MapInfo TAB and MIF/MID files to ArcGIS in geoprocessing environment using models and Python scripts.


Enhanced support for TAB Texts

Displaying and scaling MapInfo text features have been improved.


Extended support for MapInfo and new ArcGIS Pro attribute field types

- MapInfo LargeInt is converted to ArcGIS Pro Big Integer.
- MapInfo Date is converted to ArcGIS Pro Date Only.
- MapInfo Time is converted to ArcGIS Pro Time Only.
- MapInfo DateTime is converted to ArcGIS Pro Date as high precision.
Values from ArcGIS Pro Timestamp Offset fields are exported to MapInfo DateTime fields without offset values.


User interface

- Document locations output option has been re-worked as Project locations containing active map workspaces, connected folders and databases.
A new option to open output data folders after conversion operations has been added.


Other changes

- Added elapsed time to the tool results window.
- Improved error messages.
- Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.