Assistant for migration of MapInfo data to ArcGIS

Working with MapInfo Data in ArcGIS

TAB Reader allows working with MapInfo data directly in ArcGIS. At that, TAB Reader supports simple geometry, spatial indexes and attributes. MapInfo spatial reference is also recognized which allows to complement existing ArcGIS maps with MapInfo data in TAB format.

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Data Conversion

TAB Reader tools allow importing MapInfo TAB files and workspaces to ArcGIS geodatabases and map documents, as well as exporting data from ArcGIS to MapInfo TAB files.

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MapInfo Symbols Support

Complex symbols used to display features in the map may be a major issue when converting data from one format to another, however, TAB Reader tools allow to solve it.

TAB Reader preserves all original MapInfo rendering and symbology properties, while both direct reading TAB files in ArcGIS and importing data. Symbols obtained from TAB files are saved in geodatabase, map document or LYR file.

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